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The THJ Swell report 10/08/2018

Notes from smalltownsurfcountry

The sun has finally come out today after two weeks which has seen hail and more hail, several severe weather warnings, then more rain, westerlies for days and now a southerly.

And I forgot my hood! So I put a 1ml Mattus rashie over my 4/3 and was toasting. The strong current running through Huzzas made for a lot of paddling which is also good for warmth. I switched off for a moment a few times and took a few on the head- you know when your mate laughs and says ‘yeah I saw you get nailed’. Lesson to self – FOCUS !

A lot of People leave town here for at least some part of winter, so if you find yourself in Bali or Gnarloo surrounded by Margaret River people it’s because if they don’t odds are they’ll have a vitaminD deficiency by the end of winter.

Two more shops are set to close soon on the Main Street as surviving through another winter was too economically challenging and right now Western Australia is up there for mortgage defaults so the money isn’t going around. Most people perceive Margaret River to be a well to do place, rich in natural beauty is more the case.

And we have whooping cough, with at least eight cases reported. So between the sharks, the economic downturn, the weather and clusters of disease the waves are not so crowded.

So long xthj