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‘after much talk’ swells come and go but for one wave…By JBarr


Quite a few swells have passed since this drawing series was started. Each swell has its own character and I look forward to each ones arrival and the weather they bring . All drawings have been done based on my original 1977 fibre shack located in Gracetown, Western Australia. Thanks xjen

THj Studio update Feb 2019

Late last year we moved house, and it had been awhile between moves and we had accumulated greatly and then came Xmas birthdays school holidays and way too much sunshine for this redhead.

So now that we are a few weeks into February I am just properly cleaning up and clearing out the old studio accumulations that wound up in the new studio and today I finally found a WALL. So I stuck something on it…and the great thing about those children handprints on this canvas is that ‘technically’ it’s not a confronting empty canvas.

I also found a whole bunch of crinkled tubes with good paint that I’ve excavated out!

Margaret River Regional Open Studios starts 27/28th April 2019 xTHj   http://www.mrropenstudios.com.au