The swim nerds guide Project

The Swim nerds guide Project

I’m been a swimming tragic really. Everything is defined by being able or not able to swim. I learnt from a very young age that swimming was my coping mechanism. The colour cyan and me have this co dependant relationship going on.

I am not a novice swimnerd. I do have a squad swimmers training, shoulders inclusive, even though I abandoned it at age 13 and only resumed swimming training 2 years ago. That is a break of almost 30 years. I have had to get rid of some seriously 80’s stroke habits and am slowly leaving the disco years behind.

Those 30 years outside of training have included much swimming, everywhere. I am an obsessive swimmer. I don’t have to swim at 6am every morning for 12kms but I do have to immerse, surf, bodysurf, do laps as a constant throughout the seasons to remain sane and focused.

My drawings are about swimming training in all it’s absurd manifestations and they usually grow out of a training session. But I also love the physical structure of pools their regularity and the color of the water in various lights throughout the year.The drawings are done very fast and usually in pen and then transferred to a digital sketch. I did study formal life drawing for at least four years but I’m not sure you can tell. I hope it all makes you laugh!

Tumble turns as line in space by JBarr 2016

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