Skooled big time in little town…new tshirt print by Tarhairedjack

My drawn homage to the lessons i’ve learnt in my transition from big city suburbanite to small coastal country town dweller. Some have been harsh. Including the feedback on my test run 13yr old audience for this image who immediately said ‘you spelt it wrong’…’but it’s cool’.

The little surfboard isn’t smoking. Because that smells and is bad for you! It was intended to be spit balls but maybe this generation doesn’t spit ball their teachers back or the class ceiling fan (not me other students sitting near me obv).

Skooled, old slang for being taught a lesson, is often the best description of any day out surfing in the wild surf country of the south west of Western Australia. Some breaks require further education, like a Phd…

Tshirt sizes S/M/L avail currently at Margaret River Artisan Store. Larger sizes can be done on request.

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